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Wooden Hall Concerts

​intimate, acoustic, world-class

100% volunteer & non-profit.

Listen Deeply

photo by Duane Moles

​2019 Workshops

​Goh 5/11 

Joe Robinson 6/29

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All Online Sales End at Noon on Day of Show
Will be Posted if Sold Out 

Otherwise Seats Are Available at the Door 

Goh 5/11

​Sofia Talvik 6/1

​Joe Robinson 6/29

​​Carl Verheyen 9/15

Richard Smith
Joscho Stephan
Rory Hoffman

Willie Watson 10/12

Hiroya Tsukamoto 11/2

​Kai Narezo 11/23

Trace Bundy 12/14

2020 - 2021 Concert Series

Alberto Lombardi

Sasha Boldachev

​Nina Gerber & Chris Webster

​Tim Farrell

​Kaki King

​Muriel Anderson

​Andre Feriante

​​Adam Miller

​​Jeff Linsky

​Perfecto deCastro

​​​Calum Graham

​German Lopez

​Past Concerts

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