a Series of Live International 

Acoustic Music Concerts 

& Annual Guitar Exhibition

Fingerstyle & Jazz

Gypsy & Flamenco

Americana & Blues

Slack Key & more

"The guitar is a whole lot more than a guitar...
there's a whole attitude towards life wrapped up in it"  
(Charles Fox)

​All Concerts at the SOHO Listening Room

Acoustic Club members will be credited for 3 shows ​in the next season

​Fall 2021 Concerts

SBAcoustic Handmade Guitar Show

Sunday 9/19 Noon - 8:30pm

Free Admission ~ Hang Out with the Luthiers

Guitars, Ukuleles, Resonators, Weissenborns & more

Burgers & Brews (and more) at SOhO

​Willie Watson

Luca Stricagnoli

From Italy


Triple Neck!

​Clive Carroll

from Britain


Tommy Emmanuel says he's the best guitarist you've never heard of!

The awesome

Marley's Ghost



​Double concert with Jon Wilcox & Friends

​KoMaGa Trio


Japanese Jazz Harpist backed up by two of the finest session men.

​Winter/Spring 2022 Concerts 

​​Calum Graham 1/23/22

Canadian Fingerstyle Champion

​Trace Bundy 2/​6/22

Musical Poetry in Motion with Multiple Capos and more

Carl Verheyen Acoustic Band 3/6/22

​The incomparable guitar players' guitar player

​Andres Vadin

Flamenco Trio



​​Sean McGowan


One of the absolute finest fingerstyle jazz guitarists.

​The Transatlantic Gypsy Jazz Trio: Richard Smith, Joscho Stephan & Rory Hoffman


Unbelievably HOT!

​Joe Robinson


​If you haven't heard Joe, you absolutely must!

Future Concerts

​Sona Jobarteh

​Justin King

​German Lopez


​Past Concerts

Since 2016 we have been fortunate to host live music by many of the world’s great string players:

A Call 2 Peace

Don Alder

Muriel Anderson

Paul Asbell

Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan

Adrian Bellue

Claude Bourbon

Trace Bundy

Clive Carroll

Michael Chapdelaine

Nick Charles


​Craig D’Andrea

Alex DeGrassi

Jerry Douglas

Antoine Dufour

Ken Emerson & Kimo West

Tommy Emmanuel

Vicki Genfan

​Nina Gerber & Chris Webster

Teja Gerken


Trevor Gordon Hall

Mark Hanson

Rory Hoffman

The Hot Club of Nashville

The Idiomatiques

Claude LaFlamme

Michael Lorimer

Nick Johnson

John Jorgenson

Laurence Juber

Justin King

Alberto Lombardi

Sean McGowan

​Tony McManus

Maria Muldaur

Kai Narezo

Kinloch Nelson

George Quirin

Donovan Raitt

Del Rey

Joe Robinson

Sam ’n’ Ash

Richard Smith

Tim Sparks

Joscho Stephan

Walter Strauss


Sofia Talvik

The Transatlantic Trio

Hiroya Tsukamoto

Andres Vadin

Dani Vargas & Jenna Columbet

Carl Verheyen

Willie Watson

Doug Young

Andrew York

The last Wooden Hall Concert at the Alhecama for the sold out Trace Bundy night!  

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