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​2019 Workshops

Don Alder

​4pm 1/27/19 $20 at the Alhecama Theatre

Tonal Toolkit

This all-levels workshop will explore a variety of techniques that can be used to put color to black and white notes on the acoustic guitar.

We will explore right-hand techniques including hybrid fingerpicking / frailing percussive effects, tapping, various vibrato techniques and harmonies, all with the focus of using the technique for the sake of the composition and not for the sake of the technique. Included are exercises for rhythm / groove and morphing between various techniques.

Discussion will include tuning strategies, nails, live sound, questions are welcomed. The intention of the workshop is to get players inspired to using the tonal toolkit to work on finding their own voice on the guitar.

2019 Concert Series

Mike Dowling, Don Alder, Idiomatiques, Sam'n'Ash, Goh, Sofia Tolvik, Joe Robinson,
Richard Smith, Joscho Stephan & Rory Hoffman, Ian Ethan Case, Hiroya Tsukamoto, Kai Narezo and Trace Bundy.

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