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2018 Concert Series 

Clive Carroll is considered by many including Tommy Emmanuel to be the next great Guitarist. Don't miss his only​ area appearance before he flies back to Europe to rejoin Tommy's tour!

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2019 Concert Series

Season Tickets on sale ​at 11/9 concert
$260 for 12 concerts, check or cash, reserved seating
Mike Dowling, Don Alder, Idiomatiques, Sam'n'Ash, Goh, Sofia Tolvik, Joe Robinson,
Richard Smith, Joscho Stephan & Rory Hoffman, Ian Ethan Case, Hiroya Tsukamoto, Kai Narezo and Trace Bundy.

Build-your-own 6 concerts on sale online 1​1/10/19. Individual concerts on sale 12/8/18.


Mike Dowling

Available only
via Season Tix 
or $10 at the door 
at the New Vic.

Featured Concert
​of the

Holy Smokes! 
Guaranteed to knock your socks off!

2020 Concert Series

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