Winter/Spring 2020 at the SOHO Listening Room

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Alberto Lombardi 1/12

The Idiomatiques 2/23

Joe Robinson 3/1

Nina Gerber & Chris Webster 3/8

​Jon Wilcox & Marley's Ghost 3/29

Carl Verheyen Acoustic Band 4/26

Tim Farrell's StringSongs 5/3

​Future Concerts ​

​Willie Watson

​Transatlanic Trio 9/20


​Justin King

​Sona Jobarteh

​Trace Bundy

​Clive Carroll 10/18

Kaki King

​​​Calum Graham 1/17/21

​German Lopez

​Past Concerts

The last Wooden Hall Alhecama Concert at the sold out Trace Bundy night!  

See you at the SOhO ListeninRoom.

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