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Mission Statement and Philanthropy


We propose that every person is touched, moved and healed by music, which is integral to the human experience. Our core beliefs are:

Music is unparalleled in its cultural significance and impact across civilization. It is infinite and keeps evolving across time, place, religion and culture. It is the door into our souls, the balm for our spirit, an inspiration to feel deeply, our common language, and the soul of community.

The building of musical instruments from wood by hand – lutherie – is a singularly complex achievement of human culture. It is an alchemy of history, tradition & innovation; craft & sculpture; acoustics, physics & engineering; labor, passion & countless years of experience. The first note of an instrument is an unforgettable, enriching and fulfilling experience for the maker.

Music is created in an intimate and symbiotic relationship between the player and the instrument. Each separate, but acting in harmony with each other, reaching out and expressing their passion.  The perfect instrument is a joy to see, hold, play and hear. Its creation is the beginning of an ever-growing journey which begins when the first note is struck. It is a living extension of each luthier and player, reaching out and connecting all of us through music.


The Celebration Lutherie Endowment Fund (CLEF) supports harnessing the creation of stringed acoustic instruments with the making of music.  In the last year, SBAIC raised and distributed $20,000 to support music education and instruments for disadvantaged and disabled youth, travel sponsorship in order to help bring the finest acoustic teaching musicians to SBAIC, and provide workshops to over 200 guitar players, including free clinics to students.


The Pay It Forward Fund was founded by SBAIC and the LCollective with the intention of supporting individuals and organizations that have a heartfelt belief in the healing power of working with hands & music.


The Pay It Forward Fund is an information and resource center to encourage luthiers and musicians to share their passion and skills with individuals and organizations in their local or world-wide communities. Each grant from CLEF is tracked with a Pay It Forward pledge so that each gift and the story that unfolds because of this generosity and spirit can be told in a continuing narrative of giving. The stories will be told via film, art, social media, word of mouth, and of course, music.


Musician pledges may be visiting schools, hospitals, clinics, youth centers and organizations to provide music to help people heal, or benefit concerts to raise funds for them. Luthier pledges may be sharing luthier skills with novices, teaching apprentices, holding workshops, repairing damaged instruments, working with schools, veterans or those seeking to work with their hands to help themselves heal. Each recipient and deposit will create a Pay It Forward story.

Luthiers alternately may pledge to build a guitar to be donated to a gifted musician in order to take them to another level and then in turn use that instrument to raise further donations and use it to help people heal through working with hands and music. That guitar may be donated to an auction to raise funds for CLEF and then in turn that guitar will continue to tell its story.

The first deposit will be a pledge from the LCollective to create an endowment; proceeds from the sale of The Legacy Trio will be donated the Pay It Forward Fund. In return for this support, each luthier and musician will make a deposit in the Fund, sharing with us how they will use our subsidy to Pay It Forward in each of their communities, so that the growth and passion of fine lutherie and music continues. Musician pledges may be visiting schools, hospitals, clinics, youth centers and organizations to provide music to help people heal, or benefit concerts to raise funds for them.

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